Rob Craft
132 days ago
Diving into Machine Learning - by Rob Craft, Group Product Manager at Google
Machine Learning
Wanna know more about machine learning and predictive analytics?

We’re thrilled to welcome Rob Craft - Group Product Manager at Google Cloud Platform during lunch break!

Coming from San-Francisco, Rob Craft is the lead Product Manager for the Cloud Intelligence team in Google Cloud Platform. He is responsible for Cloud Machine Learning, Cloud Search, Internet of Things, and Cloud Pub/Sub.

Rob will discuss how you can leverage the power of ML whether you have a machine learning team of your own or if you just want to use ML as a service. Google has invested deeply in machine learning for many years and is using it across its highly successful consumer businesses. Google Cloud Platform is using the power of that work, adding in powerful data management tools, support for collaborative experiments, and predictions at Google scale.

Rob has spent many years focused on building great products on the leading edge of what's next. This time spans early days working on OS kernels and .Net, High Performance Computing, and transforming the cloud with machine learning.
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