Peter Norvig
174 days ago
Town Hall on AI, Machine Learning, and More
Machine Learning
Quantitative Analysis
Computer Science
Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google Inc., was available for an open, interactive Q & A session. Attendees brought any questions they had on the following topics: Note: Due to being based on viewer-submitted questions, actual covered topics may differ and topics listed may not be addressed. Themes in A.I and Machine Learning: Current Google research goals Future of A.I. Big questions in unifying logic and probability Challenges facing A.I./Machine Learning research (e.g., trust/privacy, debugging, non-modularity, non-stationarity, lack of adequate tools and processes) Ethics and Privacy in the age of A.I. Peter’s Recent Research: Google’s hybrid approach to research Deep Learning Quantitative analysis Data effectiveness Current practice and teaching of A.I. Online Education and Tools/MOOCs (both at Google and externally) Other questions and ideas to consider: How limitations in our knowledge of the human brain impact Machine Learning Working in Academia vs. Industry Advice to graduate students and researchers in computer science and A.I.
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